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Zhejiang BaiShili battery technical service Co,.Ltd., is a professional battery teschnical service company in battery field which has more than 15 years\' experience and located in China\'s power battery hometown --changxing county, Zhejiang Province. The purpose of our company is to inheri…



Acid Fume Scrubber (Q=30000m3/h)

No. Name Specification Material …


Unpowered Roller Type Battery Formation Tank

I. General This proposal is designed for the battery formation charging tank, primarily used for lead-acid battery water cooling formation.  &nb…

Automatic Glue Drying Machine

Automatic Glue Drying Machine Feature:  With the circulation air system, high heat efficiency, fast temperature rising, low power consumption, high c…

Charger and Discharger machine

Technical Parameters Output voltage: 60V, 100V, 320V, etc. Output current: 30A/30A ,50A/50A, etc. Current and voltage stabilization preci…

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Zhijiang BSL battery technology service company

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Address: 8th floor, Kaiyue building, Central Avenue, Changxing county, Huzhou, Zhejiang, 313100, China ,Huzhou,Zhejiang

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