1000KG paste mixer machine

Product Description

Production Capacity: 1000KG/time

Mixing Time: 30~45mins (depending on the production process)

Mixer Hopper Diameter: 1829mm

Motor Power: 37KW

Feature: The inner part which will contact with lead paste adopts 316L stainless steel plate, mixing wing adopts multi-point distribution to ensure the lead paste will be mixed uniformly; the exclusive side wall and massive water cooling system in the bottom will cool down the lead paste rapidly, which is ideal equipment for making 4BS. The machine is with high production, stable operation and low pollution.

Holder Material: Q235


Main Technical Parameter:

1. Max. amount of the lead oxide for each mixing: 1000 kg;

2. Main shaft speed: 39 rpm;

3. Power consumption: 37 KW

4. Compressed air consumption: pressure: 0.6Mpa, air amount: 0.6 m3/h;

5. Cooling water dosage: 3~4 tons/hour.

6. Volume: φ1,829 mm x 560 mm (H);

7. Under the rated production capacity, motor`s longtime working current is lower than 35A, no-load current is lower than 19A;

8. The reducer rotates flexibly, works in balance, no special noise, bearing temperature rising is ≤45℃ after the reducer rotates 1 hour. The reducer is well sealed without oil leakage.

9. Cooling water (in side wall and bottom) circulates smoothly, no leakage under 0.4MPa.

10. It is built in synchronous acid spraying dick (material is white PVC);

11. Mixing wings are welded by 316L stainless steel plate;

12. Mixing scraper is made of 316L stainless steel;

solder paste mixer machine


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