16T lead oxide ball mill

Basic Info

Model No.: 16T

Product Description

1. Composition:

The system consists of automatic lead ingot loading system, lead melting pot, lead bar casting machine, lead ball cutting machine, lead balls lifting machine, lead balls silo, ball mill, bag house, 2pcs 30T lead oxide silo, 2pcs lead oxide lifter, 20m screw conveyor.

It mainly has four parts: lead balls making and storage system, lead oxide making and collection system, lead oxide transmission and storage system, and control system.

1.1 Lead balls making and storage system

The lead balls making and storage system mainly consists of lead melting pot, lead bar casting machine, lead ball cutting machine, lead balls lifting machine and lead balls silo.

1.2 Lead oxide making and collection system

   The ball mill can realize automatic feeding, automatic cooling and output.

   The lead oxide collection system (bag house) consists of filter bags, pulse device, scraper blade transmission device, and discharging rotary valve, etc.

1.3 Lead oxide transmission and storage system

   The Lead oxide transmission system mainly consists of lead oxide screw conveyor and chain bucket elevator.

   The lead oxide silo has breather and non-return valve.

1.4 Control system


2. Features:

It has the advantages of advanced design, simple structure, stable quality, reliable operation, and saving energy.


3. Main Technical Parameter:

3.1 Lead melting pot: electrical heating power is 45KW

3.2 Lead balls cutting machine: 2.2KW  production rate: 1T/h-1.5T/h

3.3 Feeding mechanism: vibration motor power is 0.12KW

3.4 Ball mill: main motor power is 75KW

3.5 Bag house: blower power is 22KW; blower flow is 14000m3/h, blower pressure is 4500pa, air consumption is 2.5-4Bar, 2m3/min

16T oxide mill

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