5T Oxide Ball Mill

Basic Info

Model No.: jkilj

Product Description

1. Production Capacity: 5T/day

2. Composition: lead balls lifting machine, lead balls storage silo, main machine, bag house collector, electrical cabinet.

3. Material: Q235B

4. Electric Power: 380V

5. Total Power: installed power: 68KW, main machine power: 22KW, main machine current during working: 38~40A

6. Occupied Area: 21m2.

7. Detailed specification:

  7.1 Lead balls lifting machine

     Power: 1.5KW    Dimension: 5.8m high

  7.2 Lead balls storage silo

     Power: 1.5KW    

  7.3 Oxide Mill (Main Machine)

Power: 22KW

  7.4 Bag house collector

Power: 18KW

8. The lead balls should be over 85g.

9. Working Principle:

Feeding current accuracy: 0.3A

For example: if the pre-set feeding current is 40A and the stopped feeding current is 40.3A, when the working current is lower than 40A, the machine will begin the powder feeding; the feeding time and stopped feeding time can be adjusted by the time relay; when the working current is over 40.3A, the machine will stop feeding, the insulating layer temperature will be controlled by cooling fan. The oxide outlet temperature is controlled by the damper actuator.

Small Capacity Oxide Ball Mill

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