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I. Overview
For battery formation process, battery must be filled with low temperature acid which generally should be controlled at 5 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ or even lower. It is necessary to cool down acid solution to ensure the quality of batteries.

CHY-LS series acid chiller is designed for supporting the battery production line, with the advantages of rapid cooling speed, low power consumption, small size, small occupation of land and simple integrated control.

2. Introduction
1). CHY-LS series acid chiller consists of refrigerating units, heat exchangers, acid incubator, security protection devices, and control panel. The re-circulation system has been improved by integrated refrigeration systems and storage integration. The system has the advantages of small size, light weight and small installation space. Acid components can be adjusted according to user’s requirement on size and installation (vertical/ horizontal).

2). Refrigeration components adopts import famous brand compressor from U.S. and Japan, with built-in security protection, low noise, energy saving and durable.
3). Imported cooling circulating pump is with high flow, high efficiency and long-lasting durability.
4). Use low-noise axial fan, ensuring smooth and quiet running.

5). Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, it can accurately control the temperature ± 1 ℃, the design temperature range 5 ℃ - 40 ℃. 
6). Thick stainless steel water tank evaporator, built-in devices such as automatic moisturizing device, cleaning and easy maintenance.

7). Use highly efficient shell and tube heat exchangers and corrugated fins series inner grooved copper tube for air-cooled heat exchanger, with excellent performance and reliable operation.

8). The refrigeration system adopts R22 refrigerant, reducing environmental pollution.
Heat exchange components of heat exchange tube are made of graphite modified polypropylene plastic, with good corrosion resistance to acid alkali and organic solvents, high heat exchange efficiency in 100-120 ℃.
9). Entire system can be set to run automatically, cold acid system level, automatic temperature display and control.

10). Elegant appearance, exterior plates formed by rapid disassembly, easy to use and maintain.

3. Technical parameters

CHY-LS Series Acid Chiller Unit



refrigerating unit


refrigerating capacity (ambient temperature 35℃)

water inlet 12℃, water outlet 7℃



power supply

380V/3 phase/ 50Hz

compressor type

scroll type

compressor power


water pump power


Water flow rate

7.6 m3∕h

evaporator type

water tank type/

shell and tube type

tank volume


size of connecting pipe


withstand voltage



Fin type



charge amount


throttling way

expansion valve

protective device

High pressure, overload, antifreeze, delayed, overheat



heat exchange unit

30 m2

conveying acid pump power


conveying acid pump flow (max)


diluted acid heat insulated box


refrigerating unit weight


acid chiller dimension

L * W* H=


Cold acid ability:

from 40℃to 10℃

Ambient temperature: 35℃


heat dissipation efficiency of the heat insulated box

temperature rising: ≤0.5℃/h

The heat insulated box can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Principle of refrigeration

CHY-LS series acid chiller consists of refrigeration unit, heat exchangers group, and acid storage containers. Refrigeration unit is mainly composed of closed compressor, condenser, solenoid valves, filter drier, evaporator, gas-liquid separator, protection devices and other components.  

Working principle:

When refrigeration, low-temperature refrigerant will be sucked into the cylinder by the compressor. Compressed through the compressor, it will be formed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas into the air (or water) heat exchanger. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas will have heat exchange with the cooling medium, transferring the heat to the acid (or water), and the refrigerant gas will condense as high-pressure liquid.

The high-pressure liquid will be refrigerated and vaporized in the evaporator, absorbing the heat of surrounding medium (i.e. refrigerant water), so that the refrigerant water will be cooling and become the low temperature water, which will be pumped into the cooling-water machine. The low temperature refrigerating gas generated from vaporization in the evaporator will be sucked and compressed by the compressor. The above process runs in cycles with continuous production of chilled water. The chilled water will have heat exchange with the diluted acid through the heat exchange unit, thus realizing acid chilling.

Control the Acid Temperature

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