automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: Automatic glue dispensing

Product Description

1. Application

Automatic glue dispensing (no need for cleaning, without tube plugging, low failure rate, easy operation)

2. Main Parameter

2.1 Production Capacity: for 12V12AH as example, 6000pcs/ 8 hours

2.2 rejection rate: 0

2.3 Power Supply: 380VAC/50Hz, 2.5KW

2.4 Air Supply: 0.5MPa±0.1Mpa, compressed air after filtration and drying

2.5 Total Weight: 400KG/pc

2.6 Dimension (L*W*H): 1900*1400*1800mm

2.7 Worktable Height: 750±50 (adjustable)

2.8 Main Material of the Rack: aluminum profile and 304 stainless steel

3. Function

3.1 Glue proportion is: 2:1 or 4:1, which is adjustable; the glue volume is adjustable, it adopts mechanical gear pump for measuring.

3.2 There is automatic alarm and monitoring for abnormal pressure for glue proportion. There is sound and light alarm for low level in A barrel and B barrel.

3.3 The proportioning deviation is ±3%.

3.4 The ration of glue output deviation is ±3%.

3.5 A barrel is with constant temperature control, the constant temperature is 15℃-60, glue tube is with auxiliary heating, stir by the motor.

3.6 The tube is designed with free of cleaning, the dispensing valve is with the function of automatic back-suction (free from removing and washing).

3.7 Epoxy resin A/B will be sucked and loaded automatically, with automatic vacuum defoaming.

3.8 On the same table, two types of battery covers can be dispensed.

3.9 The glue output adopts nozzle dispensing system as separate control. (each dispensing valve is equipped with A/B glue gear pump for dispensing glue)

3.10 Manual cover feeding automatic transmission: the system can store 4 models, each model can store 10 types of dimension, two different dimensions of battery cover can be dispensed at the same time.

3.11 Metering style: Unit metering capacity, A glue pump is 2.4CC, B glue pump is 1.2CC, gear pump material is alloy steel.

3.12 Automatic anti-curing procedure.

3.13 Each glue volume output is 5ml~300ml, adjustable.

3.14 The A barrel and B barrel is 304 stainless steel material, A barrel is 35L, B barrel is 35L.

automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine


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