Automatic Plate Cutting and Lug Brushing Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: PCM-0924219

Product Description

Basic Composition

(1) Control cabinet: PLC, touch screen

(2) Plate Feeding:  frame, negative pressure device, power connection device, and sucker

(3) Vertical rolling cutter: U-steel, steel plate, stainless steel guide rail, noses

(4) Horizontal rolling cutter: U-steel, steel plate, stainless steel guide rail, nose

(5) Power device: stepless speed gear motor, carbon steel chain, guide device

(6) Brushing part: imported specialized brushing wheel, brushing motor

(7) Rolling cutting part: precision alloy cutter, high precision transmission mechanism

(8) Plate collection system: Adopting count sensor, conveying belt, gear motor

(9) Scrap collecting system: with scrap output port, automatic collection, easy for cleaning 

(10) Working Procedure: Manual loading → Adsorption loading → lug brushing → lug cutting → vertical plate cutting → horizontal plate cutting → automatic stacking output (counting) → manual collection

Main Parameters:

1. Model: PCM-0924219

2. Plate dimension: Total length: 380mm (including lug), 330mm (without lug), Total width: 160mm, Subject to the drawing provided by the buyer

3. Plate Thickness: 2-5mm

4. Production capacity: 80pcs/min

5. Rejection rate: ≤1. 0%, the buyer should provide plates with deformation less than 0.5mm

6. Guide device range: 160-380 mm (Subject to the drawing provided by the buyer)

7. Cutter Specification: Φ150.3*Φ50.83*5.0 (mm ) 

8. Main chain specification: pitch 25.4*17

9. Dimension of dust collecting opening: Φ148 mm

10. Main motor specification: gear motor, 2.2KW, reduction ratio=1/30

11. Power consumption: AC415V±10%, 50Hz, 8kw

12. Negative Pressure parameter: Max. Flow=250 m³/h, vacuum: (≤-100KPa) 

13. Equipment weight: 3tons

14. Dimension (L*W*H): 5680*1800*1400mm; plate collecting: 2030*850*680mm

15. Color: gray black 

16. Working time: continuously 24hours

Automatic Plate Cutting and Lug Brushing Machine

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