Automatic Top Cover Heat Sealing Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: jik

Product Description

1. Main Parameter:

*Total Dimension: L*W*H=1720*1400*2100mm

*Weight: 1200Kg

*Compressed Air: 5Kgs/ m2

*Speed: 2.5~3pcs/min

*Power Requirement: 3 phases, 220V/380V, 60HZ (or as per requirement), 5KW

*Heating Temperature: 340-360

*Gear motor: 0.5HP, speed ratio=30:1

2. Feature:

a. The machine is made of SUS316L stainless steel;

b. PLC control system, ensuring the reliability of heating, constant temperature and pre-pressing;

c. Different molds are designed as per the heating plate mounting dimension, which is convenient for changing molds;

d. Independent positioning guide pillar is adopted for different height of batteries, ensuring the sealing effect and quality, increasing the speed of changing molds.

e. Equipped with independent lifting platform, ensuring the heating level and stabilization.

f. Fully-enclosed, environmental protection design, equipped with suction opening.

Automatic Top Cover Heat Sealing Machine

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