Battery Washing And Drying Machine

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Battery washing machine technical specification

1. This machine is applicable for cleaning the surface of starting battery

2. After cleaning, the battery outside surface is basically dry, clean surface, without dirty impurity

3. Production capacity:5-10pcs/minute

4. Total Power:≤60KW

5. The height of conveyor workbench is 750-800mm, adjustable. The net width of conveyor channel is 300mm, the net height of conveyor channel is below 320mm.

6. Machine transmission adopts frequency conversion or mechanical control; speed is continually adjustable, speed: 4-6m/minute

7. There are battery guard bars in the inlet and outlet roller table, to protect battery from blocking and deviating in the transmission process.

8. It includes brusher cleaning and water cleaning (both in the top cover and two long side covers), and air drying.

9. Cleaning water adopts recycling design, it requires to control water temperature precisely and is continually adjustable

10. The machine surface, exposed components and key components must have the acid-proof and anticorrosion treatment, it must work continually in the environment with acid and air, and also ensure its operational performance, the material of parts which contact liquid directly is SS 316L, the material of shell parts and some other parts which will not contact liquid is SS 304, all the air pipe and water pipe which are likely to contact acid are using acid-resistance material.

11. It adopts stainless steel water pump and new type liquid level sensing switch

12. There must be a shock pad in the fan installation, active door is sealed and without water leakage.

13. All the standard parts require to adopt the high quality product from good manufacturer.

14. Equipment and electric appliance control wiring must meet the nation safety requirement

15. Equipment appearance: smooth surface, uniform color, door lock is firm and reliable, the door must be sealed well after closing.

16. The noise of equipment must meet the national standard.

17. Compressed air: 0.6MPa; 10m3/min

18. Dimension: 6000*850*2500 mm (L*W*H)

19. With hot wind drying function

Battery Washing And Drying Machine

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