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Acid matching is an important auxiliary production process for the production of lead battery. It is the process of mixing concentrated sulfuric acid with pure water, which is also the dilution process of concentrated sulfuric acid. During this process, a large amount of heat will be released, accompanied by certain risks.

In actual production, if the production capacity and efficiency of acid and cold acid equipment and battery acid adding equipment are optimized, the production efficiency can be greatly improved and the energy waste and equipment waste in the process can be reduced.

JXS type acid preparation equipment is acid preparation equipment with lead tube heat exchanger as the core of treatment. Its excellent heat exchange performance and novel weldless design solve the original graphite heat exchanger's low efficiency of heat exchange performance and easy leakage, with high efficiency of heat exchange, safety and energy saving.

The system is a kind of special equipment to improve the allocation efficiency of acid solution, reduce the pollution and danger in the process of acid preparation. It can carry out different degrees of dilution of high concentration acid to meet the acid requirements of different processes.

Moreover, the equipment is carried out under the condition of full airtight, and the impurities in the air are not easy to be carried into the acid solution. Therefore, the acid solution prepared has good quality and no environmental pollution.

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