Circulation Water Cooling System

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Model No.: casca

Product Description

I. General

This document if made for the cycling water cooling system used for the formation tank, primarily

used for the cooling inside the tank.

As the batteries generate heat during the charging process, the surface temperature of the

batteries will increase. But, according to the craft requirement, this temperature needs to e

regulated and controlled to achieve the optimum effect. Thus, it is required for us to apply water

cooling inside the tank during charging. This cycling water cooling system is composed of cooling equipment, variable frequency water supply device, and the cycling cooling channels.

A Cooling tower is used as the cooling device in this system. The air inside the cooling tower gets in contact with the water (direct or indirect) to achieve the heat exchange, thus cool down the water. A circular counter-flow cooling tower is used in this process. Water, acts as a recycling coolant in this case, releases the heat it absorbed from the system back to the atmosphere. This reduced the air temperature inside the tower and enables the cooling water to be re-used again.

    The water supply uses a variable frequency water supply device to ensure a constant pressure

inside the pipeline.   

II. Technical Performance

1. Power input: Three phase AC380V, 50Hz;   

2. Cycling water requirement: 100m3/h, depends on the formation tank quantity

3. Cycling water pump uses a variable frequency water supply device

4. A 100T/H Cooling tower is used, depends on the formation tank quantity

Water Cooling System

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