Conventional Acid Dilution System (3m3/time)

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Model No.: SD-3

Product Description

During the preparation of dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte, there are some problems like uneven stir, slow cooling, long preparation time, low productivity, acid fume pollution, etc. Our Company has developed the SD acid dilution system. It takes sequential adding acid, rapid cooling, and fully enclosed operation without using compressed air, thus acid mixing is with good quality and high purity, with the advantages of small occupied area, no acid fume pollution, safe and reliable operation, long service life.


1. Acid mixing is in enclosed condition, impurities in the air won’t easily go into the acid; therefore, the diluted acid is of good quality and without pollution.

2. Reaction of concentrated acid and pure water uses special device, the heat produced by the reaction is not easy to diffuse, thus reducing the overall cooling time, with high efficiency.

3. Using full graphite heat exchanger as heat dissipation components, with good corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Structure and principles
Acid dilution device mainly consists of acid mixing tank, acid storage tank, heat exchanger, acid-proof pump, electrical cabinet, etc.

The principle is: the first diluted acid mixture in the preliminary is cooled and then goes into the mixing tank, thus, the circulation increases the cooling rate. Impurities in the air will not mix in the dilution process; the prepared acid is with good quality and high purity. At the same time, there is no overflow acid fume in the sealed tank which protects the environment. Safe and reliable.

Main Technical Parameter & Performance Specification

1. High pure water tank   1pc   Specification: 3m3    Material: PE
2. High concentration acid tank     1 pc   Specification: 3m3     Material: PE

3. Imported concentrated acid diaphragm pump: 1pc      Imported from USA

4. SD-3 type acid mixing device: 1 set
4.1 Acid mixing tank: with built-in hybrid reactor (1 unit)
   Size: 3m3
   Material: PP thickened

 (The acid mixing tank is equipped with organic glass level gauge, and discharge mouth, etc.)

4.2 New type graphite heat exchanger   1pc   10m2    Nominal heat transfer area: 10m2

4.3 Acid pump   1pc     Imported from USA

5. Diluted Acid Storage Tank     3pcs    Specification: 3m3      Material: PE

6. DN32 acid-proof pipe      1 set

7. Electrical cabinet:
The acid mixing tank is with automatic temperature display instrument.

Conventional Acid Dilution System (3m3/time)


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