Four Stations COS Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: DSD

Product Description

Equipment Performance:

The equipment is used for lead-acid battery bus bar and terminal casting, the best scope for equipment: 12v36ah-200ah battery, those bigger than 12v120ah need twice cast welding.


Operation Process:

l. The first station is to load plate groups.

2. The second station is to cut and brush the lugs and dip the soldering flux.

3. The third station is for automatic casting & welding.

4. The four station is for unloading the plate groups into the container.



l. Production capacity: starting battery 20-22 seconds/time; Sealed battery 25-30 seconds/time; Tubular battery 30-40 seconds/time

2. Distribution requirement: 220V/380V, 3 phase, 50Hz or as required.

Total power: 46.5KW

3. Electrical configuration: PLC for Mitsubishi, SMC pneumatic accessories

4. Compressed air: 5-6Kg/cm2

5. Water: soft water 8 liters/min, 25° water pressure >0.15MPa, can be recycled

6. Lead pot:1000Kg, easy to load

7. Size: length 3050*width 3100*height 3400

8. Weight: 2640Kg



l. The second station can add the function of tin dipping.

2.The third station can add the function of placing copper terminal automatically.

3.The fourth station can add the automatic function of container insertion (suitable for 12V 36Ah-200Ah battery)

Four Stations COS Machine                    

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