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Model No.: grid casting

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I. technical parameters:
1. Work efficiency: 7-16 pieces /min;
2. Applicable plate grid: 370× (120-170) × (1.2-4.0) mm
3. Pressure: 7-8t/cm2 (border pressure: 0.168kg/mm2)
4. Equipment power: about 40KW
5. Overall size of the equipment: 4220x1070x2400mm
6. Air consumption: 0.1m3/min
7. Equipment weight: 2T
Ii. Equipment features:
1. Shaping: hydraulic shaping device is adopted. Each casting plate host is equipped with a separate hydraulic station on the back part.
2. Plane cutting: the scrap shearing system adopts a new plane cutting design, and the cutter and chip receiving system are in the same plane as the grid conveying, so as to avoid the three impacts of the grid in the process of slide plate, inclined cutter and chip receiving in traditional models, and greatly reduce the deformation of the grid in the process of casting plate.
3. Extended grid movement time on the plane: effectively extend grid cooling time. For thick grid, the cooling time is longer than the old model, and the production efficiency is improved by 20-30% compared with the traditional model, with high cost performance. The efficiency of 2 flat - cut plate - casting machines is equivalent to 3 traditional plate - casting machines.

4. Plate grid thickness consistency is good, frame density is higher, weight accuracy error is small. Reduce the scrap rate of the following process (coating plate, dividing plate, etc.).

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