PE Envelope Stuffing Machine

Product Description

The user sets length of PE separator. The machine will envelop the plates automatically. It is with automatic feeding to help users work easily.

Functional Feature:

1. PLC control system, human machine interface, set length of PE separator freely.

2. Each channel is running independently, PE bag is sealed automatically.

3. Change plates is within 30 minutes.

4. Fully enclosed design, exhaust system in the lower part of the machine, can better

collect lead dust and effective protection electronic components.

5. The machine will automatically record work time, failure time, and failure frequency and production quantity.

6. The machine can be divided into the left-out and right-out.

7. Machine can be operated by 1 operator (or 1 operator can operate 2 machines)

Technical Parameters:

1. Power Supply: 380Vac/50Hz (Three Phase Four Lines)

2. Vacuum: 0.6-0.8Mpa

3. Air Supply:0.5m3/min

4. Power: ≦2KW

5. Efficiency: more than 95%

6. Separator: PE separator


1. Plate Width: 120-160mm

2. Channel quantity: 1

3. Speed: 50~60pcs/min

4. Dimension: 2500*1500*2300mm

5. Weight: 430KG

envelope opener machine


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