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Two-panel plate cutting and brushing machine is our company’s latest developed automatic machine. This machine is specialized in cutting the plate, brushing the lug and plate frame. The machine adopts rolling cutting, can finish brushing lug, cutting lug, cutting plate and brushing frame automatically. It only needs two operator to finish the whole procedure. The advantage of the machine is environmental, high effective, high precision and less rejection rate. The machine is easy to operate. It is the ideal machine for the battery factory to make the plate.

Technical parameters:

1. Applicable grid dimension: Length = 280-380mm, Width = 120-168mm,  Height = 1.0-4.5mm (according to the customer’s drawings 

2. Production capacity: 60-100 big panels/min

3. Reject rate: ≤1.0%, the premise is that the buyer should  provide plate deformation less than 0.5 mm

4. Adjustable range of guiding device: 280-380 mm5. Cutter size: Φ150.3XΦ50.83X5.0 (mm)6. Main chain size: pitch size 25.4X177. Suction opening size: Φ150 mm

8. Infrared ray induction with automatic account9. Main motor size: gear motor power is 2.2KW, reduction ratio is 1/30

10. Power supply and power consumption: AC380V±10%, 50Hz, 9.5kw11. Air pump parameter: power is 2.2KW, maximum discharge is 250m³/h,  vacuum (≤-100KPa)

12. Total weight of machine:3.0T

13. Rolling cutting machine dimension: L*W*H= 6100*1450*1700 mm

14. Collection table: it is driven by the belt, it can stack the plates automatically

Product Feature:

1. The machine adopts rolling cutting method. It can cut the plate preciously without scrap.2. The plates are loaded by sucker. The cutter space is adjustable. Plate cutting, lug brushing and frame brushing for Two-panel plate can be realized at a time.3. Dust-proof brushing motor ensures the machine’s safety performance.4. The stainless steel transmission structure is anti-corrosive, which will not affect the plate performance.5. With automatic counting and definite quantity stacking and transmission during cutting, automatic lug scrap transmission and collection.6. The machine is controlled by PLC. All of the movement is driven by main motor. All functions are done by mechanical devices. No need compressed air. Ensure the easy operation and reliable performance, easy for maintenance.

7. There are hoods sealed on the top of the machine. The machine bottom has hopper matching with the conveyor belt for collecting the dust. It can greatly reduce the lead dust and effectively recovery the lead scrap. It can prevent the lead dust from polluting the machine to extend the service life of machine.

Basic Components:

1. Equipment Configuration: electric control cabinet, head for feeding and brushing, longitudinal rolling cutting machine body, transmission mechanism, brushing head, rolling cutting head, frame brushing channel, plate collection device, scrap collection system.2. Configuration Quantity:

2.1 Electric control cabinet : 1 pc

2.2 Head for feeding and brushing: 1 pc

2.3 Longitudinal rolling cutting machine body :1 pc

2.4 Brushing head: 2 pcs

2.5 Rolling cutting head: 3 pcs

2.6 Frame brushing channel: 2 pcs

2.7 Plate collection device:1 pc2.8 Scrap collection system:1 pc2.9 Filter device:1 pc

3. Details of Configuration:3.1 Electric control cabinet: PLC, display screen, solid relay, etc.

3.2 Head for feeding: frame, vacuum type air pump, stepless speed regulating motor, feeding device, sucker;  3.3 Longitudinal rolling cutting machine body: U-steel, steel plate, stainless steel structure,  brushing head, cutting head, rolling cutting head;  3.4 Transmission mechanism: stepless speed regulating motor, high-power reducer, carbon steel chain, guiding device;

3.5 Brushing head: specialized brushing wheel, dust-proof brushing motor3.6 Rolling cutting head: precision alloy blade, high precision transmission mechanism3.7 Plate frame brushing channel: motor, brush wheel, position adjusting mechanism

3.8 Plate collection device: counting by infrared ray sensor, conveying belt, speed-regulating motor;

3.9 Scrap collection system: stainless steel scrap guiding device, stainless steel vessel, stainless steel sealing channel, dust suction opening;

3.10 Working procedure (2 operators): manual feeding → automatic brushing plate frame → sucker feeding → brushing lug → rolling cutting false lug (#1, #2 blade) →longitudinal plate rolling cutting (#3 blade) → brushing middle frame → automatic stacking and unloading → manual collection

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Plate Cutting and Brushing Machine

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