pressure die casting machine

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Model No.: casting machine

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(1) pour the metal liquid into the pressure chamber manually or otherwise;
(2) close the mold;
(3) punch 6 is moved up to feed the metal liquid through runner 3 and diverter 4, and fills into the mold cavity through inner gate 2;
(4) after completion of filling, the punch shall maintain a certain pressure until the metal liquid completely solidifies into a die-casting piece 1; At this time, the runner and the pressure room metal liquid also solidified at the same time, and the pressure room will become surplus cake 7;
(5) open the mold, and the punch moves up synchronically with the mold opening action, so that the residual cake will follow the die casting and the gate to move up with the moving mold and leave the fixed mold. When it reaches a certain distance, the punch will move down and reset;
(6) after mold opening, push out and take out the die casting immediately;
At this point, the completion of a die-casting cycle.
pressure die casting machine

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