Semi-automatic Welding Condition Checking Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: dhvsh

Product Description

Application: For testing the inter-cell welding quality of 36Ah~200Ah car batteries, to test whether there is cold solder joints or dry joints.

Operation: Put the battery onto the correct position manually. Step the foot switch, the testing fixture will lower and start testing. If not qualified, the machine will send out alarm signal.

Feature: Inner resistant testing; the machine connects the high current and test the micro-voltage of every welding point at the same time.  After amplification processing, the display screen will show out the voltage of every welding point. And the voltage high limit can be set in the meter, if beyond the high limit, the battery is not qualified.

Test Speed: 75~80 batteries /hour

Compressed Air Installed: 0.1m3/min,0.6Mpa

Electric Power: AC380V.50Hz, 2KW

Testing Time: 0-99s

Dimension (L*W*H): 700*720*1750mm

Weight: 250kg

Semi-automatic Welding Condition Checking Machine

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